Hand-crafted jewelry inspired by art, cultures, symbols and healing stones from around the world.
Dzi is a Tibetan name for Heaven's Bead, a pattern made mostly of oblong, circular, cylindrical, or tabular shapes that are punctured longitudinally. It is claimed to have enigmatic abilities and bestow luck to its bearer. Dzi beads from ancient times are exceedingly valuable and uncommon. The Tibetans consider Dzi beads to be supernatural stones that have fallen from Heaven and which bestow good karma upon their owners. Dzi beads are often considered to be of divine origins, meaning they were not made by human hands. Some claim that they are left behind by the Gods for those who are fortunate enough to discover them. They are regarded as a very valuable and potent amulet because of their heavenly source. They are said to bring luck, stave off evil, and shield the wearer from accidents and illnesses.

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