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Sangut Magic Coin


Hanuman Magic coin lava chain

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Balinese Vintage magic coin, also known as Pis Sangut  paired with lava  silver chain.The chain is 57 centi long ( The chain is 22.5 inches long)


Sangut is one of the punakawan  figures in the Balinese puppet tradition. In the story, Sangut is depicted with a muzzle lips and yellow skin. Among the clowns, his body was the thinnest but had a big belly. In puppet shows, he often appears with Delem and carries out joking dialogues. Apart from that, he is very clever in comminucation, whoever argues will definitely lose in arguing.


Pis Bolong Sangut is very popular with many people because it has the same magical powers as the Sangut character in the puppet stories. By using pis Sangut as an amulet, people will be very good at arguing and is popular amulets carried by attorneys and people who do a lot of communication on daily basis

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