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Besi Kuning


Besi Kuning Pendant with lava brass chain

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Known as Besi Kuning in Indonesia this Pyrite stone hold a sharp metal inside and is wrapped around . Known for its magical power Besi tuning is widely used in different parts of Indonesia as its believed to protect against negative energy and black magic.Paired with lava brass chain.The chain is 57 centi long ( the chain is 22.5 inches long)


About Besi Kuning


known In Indonesia to provide strength, immunity, and dignity.

Physically, this spiritual medium which is also called wesi kuning, has a golden cocoon-like shape. Others revealed a yellow iron similar to a stiff gold-colored spool of thread. Inside the yellow iron there is a golden yellow pointed needle As a means of protection / magic fence. This yellow iron heirloom allows you to always be protected from negative energy


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