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Arjuna Coin


Arjuna Magic coin lava brass chain

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Balinese Vintage Pis Arjuna or also known as magic coin paired with hand knotted lava brass chain .The chain is 57 centi long ( The chain is 22.5 inches long)

Arjuna, one of the five Pandava brothers, who are the heroes of the Indian epic the Mahabharata. Arjuna, son of the god Indra, is famous for his archery (he can shoot with either hand) and for the magical weapons that he wins from the god Shiva. His hesitation before the decisive battle against a branch of his family became the occasion for his friend and charioteer, the incarnate god Krishna, to deliver a discourse on dharma, or the right course of human Action.


Arjuna was known for his courage and bravery in Mahabarata.

Many Balinese men Believe This magic coin will bring them luck with women

But there is another opinion, which suggests  that  this magic coin brings harmony and balance in intimate relationships and make you a good lover 🙂

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