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3 Wise Monkeys


Three Wise Monkeys Lava Emerald Chain

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Sterling silver Three wise monkeys pendant paired with hand knotted lava emerald chain. The chain is 70 centi long. The chain is 27.5 inches long.

See No evil, hear no evil, say no evil…..

The three mystical monkeys (as they are sometimes called) are named the “sanzaru”

Their names are Mizaru, Iwazaru and Kikazaru.

In Japanese language, «san» means three and «saru» means monkey. Time passing, «saru» becomes «zaru» giving birth to sanzaru. Yet, «zaru» is also a negative form, that we could translate to «not to»and in Japanese culture, monkey is supposed to ward off evils…

The monkeys represent an approach to life, supported by the Shinto and Koshin religions. Historians believe that the three monkeys symbol is approximately 500 years old, however, according to Osho Rajneesh, this symbolism was spread across Asia by Buddhist monks, having originated in the ancient Hindu tradition. Pictures of the monkeys can be seen on ancient Koshin scrolls, while the Tōshō-gū shrines, where the monkeys can be found, are erected as sacred buildings for the Shinto believers.

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