A Brief History

In Sanskrit “Sugati” means “happy destination”. It refers to both the physical act of travel and to our own inner journey. For the traveler, Sugati means to embrace all that IS.

Traveling in this way has inspired me to create this collection of jewelry, to share the love I have for the places that captured my heart. Embracing ancient traditions, their art and their symbols, has not only informed my own journey but is a priceless gift in the opening of my heart to people and cultures the world over.

To me design is a language, not just an aesthetic or a style. My intention, with each piece in this collection, is to create a deeper emotional connection, that goes beyond the appeal of simple adornment. Most of this collection comprises one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that include symbols and healing stones that speak to us on many levels. Sometimes we are drawn to a stone or symbol, without knowing why…

In my experience this is no coincidence, for when you do discover the power and meaning attributed to the symbol or stone of the piece you chose, both the personal and the collective significance of your choice becomes clear.

And so, I invite you to view my collection and meet each of my pieces. I hope you discover one which speaks to you and your personal journey.

With love,

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